“This is 40” Transformation

The Plan:

Workout 3-5 times a week
Starting a cleanse November 5th with Conscious Cleanse
More aware of what I’m consuming day-to-day
Meal planning for family

October 1st (Day One)

October 2nd (Day One, Take Two 🙂 )

Real life of a working mom of two kids. One got sick. Life happened and my goal of starting my “Transformation” on October 1st quickly shifted.

Let me back up a bit…September 21, 2018 I turned 40.  Some say 40 is the new 20 but the days/weeks/months leading up to this didn’t feel that way. I’ve never had more back pain (I do have scoliosis and weak abs), I’m exhausted and if (god forbid) I have two drinks in one night, I’m shot for the next 3 days. The one thing that feels like 20 yrs old is that I’m starting a brand new career that feels overwhelming and scary but that excites the hell out of me! I recently left a career of tech recruiting that had a nice salary, benefits, safety attached to it for a very risky career of opening a brand new concept fitness facility in Boulder, the land of yoga studios and gyms. And, after having a pretty consistent work schedule and being able to build in time for workouts, I find myself working every day IN a gym and NOT working out.

Last week I pulled my manager, Jess, aside and said “I need your help. I feel the most out of shape I’ve ever been. And, damn it, I’m turning 40!” I had this idea in my head that once I got Kondition open, I would be taking classes daily, eating well and loving life. As it turns out, I now own a new business and am still a mom of 2 young kids (2 & 4)…so the reality is I work out maybe once a week (if that) and am being pulled in a thousand different directions at home and work.

I know me and know that for me to commit to something, I need to go all in. Thus, I’m making my journey public so that I can truly be held accountable…and so that I see real results! I will not have another trip around the sun to find myself feeling this same way.

My goals:

Feel great in a pair of workout leggings…my ass is notoriously not my best feature…genetics and not working out has led to a flabby, flat area. In the time of booties, this is my #1 goal. 🙂
Get my abs back in shape so that I (hopefully) have less back pain and maybe not so many pee accidents (shhh…don’t tell anyone);  and, maybe rock a bikini again!
Have more energy, sleep better, less stress
Eat more healthy and provide healthier meals to my kiddos…we don’t eat terribly but go out too often because of time constraints

I realize all my goals won’t be hit easily or quickly but truly I don’t need/want to lose a ton of weight. Just feel better all around.

***This week, I worked out Tuesday (Strength Class), Thursday (Yoga Class), Friday (Kardio Cycling Class) and Sunday (Peloton @ home)***

So…here’s to 40 and feeling BETTER than I did at 20!  Hope you can come along for the ride!!!


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