Konditioner, Strength

Alexis K.

ACE, pre/post natal, CES, RRCA certified coach
Alexis was always an athlete growing up and as an adult, exercise became her primary stress-reliever. She found triathlons in her mid-20s and distance running after she gave birth to her first daughter. Since then, there has really been no stopping her. She loves all things cardio -- and challenges herself with weight training. In essence, she is addicted to the endorphin rush that comes after a great sweat session. Her advice to those just starting out on their fitness journey would be to "find what feels good to you/what you love...run with that until you establish a foundation and then begin exploring." You will grow to love her straight-forward nature and tenacious workouts!
Khoreo Cycle

Payton H.

Khoreo Cycle

Amanda S.


Jenna S.

Cir-Kuit, Konditioner, Strength

Sam L.

Dance, Barre, AerobiKs

Shira S.

About Me

My passion for dance extends back to my earliest memories of folk dancing as a child in Israel. From those first dance steps to ballroom to hip-hop to Zumba and more, dance has been an integral part of my journey.

Training Philosophy

Fall in love with the process, and the results will come!


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" ~ Maya Angelou

Konditioner, Strength

Courtney N.

Courtney is a southern girl with a wild west spirit. She moved to Boulder in 2009 and has truly found her home here in Colorado. You can find Courtney on the trails in the early mornings with friends or her dog, Murph, during the day as a Spanish teacher and at night as a strength coach at Kondition. Being an athlete her whole life, Courtney’s passion for whole-body health is a top priority. Having healed her own body through strength training, Courtney is a big believer in the foundations of building strength and the ways in which it keeps your body pain free. You can expect to have your booty bumping while also building muscle.
Barre, Khoreo Cycle, AerobiKs

Daisy H.

Daisy is a mom of 3 boys and is always on the go. She fell in love with group fitness after taking a Jazzercise class and began teaching in 2003. When she discovered barre she added that to her repertoire in 2010. Taking an hour for yourself and working out in a group is motivating, supporting and most of all FUN! In Daisy’s class, you can expect to be challenged while multitasking exercises that strengthen you physically and mentally with a back drop of curated tunes ranging from flash backs, pop, country, hip hop and more! She loves music requests so don’t be shy let her know what song you love to workout to!

Lauren L.

Yoga (dynamiK and Yin)

Ariella K.

I grew up in yoga. Both my parents were students of yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. But like any kid at some point I wasn’t interested in my parent’s path. It wasn’t until I burnt out after a decade of international human rights work that I reconnected with yoga and realized it’s incredible potential for healing and transformation on an individual and communal level. I love to combine social justice work and yoga.

Stephanie B.


Bobbi R.

Konditioner, Strength, Cir-Kuit, Booty BootKamp

Sam T.


Lisa L.

RhythmiK Cycle

Chrisanthi H.


Hannah A.

Hannah has been teaching barre for the past 10 years. With precise instruction and musicality she will lead you through a beat-driven, low impact-high intensity full body workout that will leave you feeling strong and lean. Hannah’s love of fitness started in her early years as a dancer and continued throughout her dancing career and into her adult life. She has extensive knowledge behind the barre technique and is known for her ability to motivate you to dig deeper, helping you realize that you are stronger than you think you are. Hannah has worked with clients of all fitness levels and loves to help them achieve their goals.
Cycle, Strength, Barre, Konditioner, Cir-Kuit

Heather A.

I've been an athlete my whole life, starting as a dancer at age seven. Eventually I danced at the Olympics in Sydney 2000. But, after juggling dance and soccer for years, I eventually chose to focus on soccer. Soccer earned me a college scholarship, and I played for four years as I earned my degree. After college, I desperately sought to maintain my sports brain (and body) and soon I discovered yoga. Before I knew it, I'd completed three teacher trainings--I've been teaching yoga since 2010! My love for teaching grew exponentially during this time, so I sought other ways to grow as an instructor. That's how I discovered Barre--on the first class, I was HOOKED! I got certified and have been teaching barre for over seven years. Not long after that I got into indoor cycling and started teaching at Flywheel. Eventually I made my way to Equinox where I also taught group fitness. I am so incredibly excited to be a part of the Kondition team. I teach thoughtful, high energy classes to curated playlists. I can't wait to help you with your fitness goals and further my teaching career with this stellar Kondition team!!

Jill Wheeler

Jill practices psychotherapy, teaches yoga, writes about adventure, runs, eats plants, breathes and gets schooled by her teen daughters daily. She moved to Boulder in 1998 to teach mountaineering and rock climbing in the beautiful Rockies. After having two babies, (and being duly freaked out about how much time babies take), she moved to Florida for a quick minute to be closer to the grandparents who were experts in such matters. “A couple years” turned into nine. While in flatland Florida, she discovered distance running as a way to be in nature, train for endurance and reset her mind. Jill and fam have been back in Boulder and loving it since 2016.
Your breakthrough and personal discovery is her passion, whether it be in the yoga studio or with her work as a Licensed Professional Counselor, she is inspired to help you achieve your greatest potential. She honors the lineage and wisdom of yoga as a diverse practice offering something for every one.

Jill blends metaphor and inspirational storytelling with moving meditation for a safe and inspiring asana-practice. Jill’s yoga is an offering of love in the spirit of service. She believes this ancient practice provides endless opportunities for personal healing, empowerment and community-building. She specializes in powerful vinyasa flow classes, sprinkled with sensible holds to refine alignment and create a physical foundation for a lifetime of yoga practice and healthy movement.

Come to her class to fine tune your form, grow your edge, or to simply breathe tension away.