dynamiK flow

dynamiK Yoga Flow is Kondition’s POWER based flow. You can plan on getting your heart rate up to sweat!

Take a break from the demands of life and enjoy a sweaty yet purposeful power vinyasa flow class that will kondition your body, focus your mind and empower your spirit. This class is very much inclusive so don’t be shy.  We do not teach in a heated room so please plan accordingly.

dynamiK flow has faster movements, more sun salutations with chaturangas and very lively music.

sKulpt (yoga)

Add some high-intensity & high-energy to your yoga practice with sKulpt! Your Vinyasa flow will be infused with strength training and cardio exercises, resulting in a whole body class that works every muscle group. You’ll build strength, develop greater body awareness and end in a sweaty savasana that will leave you wanting more.


Our KonditYIN // Relax class is a 60 minute Yin and myofascial release class that complements our strength and cardio-based classes. This is the class you’ve been waiting for if you have tight muscles, trouble relaxing, reoccurring pain/injuries, tension, stress, or trouble sleeping. Can’t touch your toes? This is for you! Can’t get rid of that lower back pain? This is for you. Can’t shake the stress of work? This is for you! This is your prescription to whole-body and holistic fitness – the yin to your yang!

Utilizing tennis balls, straps, blocks, and bolsters, we will break up tight, stuck fascia in order to alleviate pain and tension in the body. Once you’ve opened things up, you will settle into deep stretching holds with Yin with yummy assists to help deepen your state of relaxation.

All set to great music we will melt your muscle tension and leave you in a Kosmic state of relaxation!

BYOM (bring your own mat) or let us do the heavy lifting and rent one of ours for $3


Khoreo cycle

Our Khoreo Cycle is a 50 min ride and has something for everyone. Utilizing the bike’s RPM and rhythm, the trainer will guide you through a choreography inspired workout with a rocking rhythmic mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills and drills. The goal is to lose yourself in the experience of the ride, with safety in mind. But it’s so much more than just a workout — it’s a powerful mind-body experience.

Kardio cycle

Our Kardio Cycle is a 50 min ride made to challenge your body using the Power Meter and has something for everyone.  The class is set to a rocking rhythmic mix with strength, endurance, challenges, hills and drills. The goal is to lose yourself in the experience of the ride, with safety in mind. But it’s so much more than just a workout — it’s a powerful mind-body experience.

Cycle // Strength

Bring your cycling shoes and sneakers for this 30/30 fusion of our 2 most popular classes.

Beginning in COURAGE, our talented instructors will take you through fast-paced cardio hills and drills to get your body moving and sweating. From there we will quickly transition you into STRENGTH for an upper body focused circuit based class to seal the deal. You’ll leave confident that you completed your day’s full body workout.

NOTE: If you are new to cycling or need extra help setting up a bike (we use STAGES bikes), please arrive at our studio 10-15 min early. Cycle shoes are required, our pedals take both SPD and Look DELTA cleats. We have cycle shoes to rent for $3


Klassic Barre

Klassic Barre is a traditional barre workout that incorporates sculpting, toning and seamless transitions. Combining ballet based movements and pumping beats, your muscles will be shaking… or rather dancing to the beat. The small controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetition of this class develop the long and lean muscles of a ballet body. This class is low impact with an emphasis on lower body toning. No previous dance or barre experience is required.

Socks are optional, although not required.
** Klassic Barre Express is a 45 min version

Konditioner Express

The Konditioner Express is a 45min long total body workout that will take you to the next level by spiking your heart rate with short bursts of work followed by aktive recovery. The intervals will test your lungs & brain and improve agility & reaction time!

Konditioning (noun) kon ᐧ di ᐧ tion ᐧ ing
The process of training to become physically fit by a regimen of exercise, diet and rest; also : the resulting state of physical fitness.

Shoes are suggested, although not required.


As the name suggests, Strength will challenge your strength of body and mind as you complete slower repetitions with heavier loads; the perfect complement to some of our more high- intensity // high- kardio classes. Kreate a balanced routine by incorporating focused strength at least one day a week.

Shoes are suggested, although not required.
** Strength Express is a 45 min version

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