Everyone warned me…

But, I was a successful tech recruiter, in my late 30’s (yikes!), mother of two, well-traveled, well-educated, savvy business woman. So, all the things that plagued previous business owners wouldn’t be in my future.  Right??

Nope. Finding a space in Boulder, lease negotiations, finding an architect, finding another architect when the scope of the work changed drastically with my new landlord, finding a general contractor, learning all the new lingo in building and leasing and walking the fine line of acting like I know what everyone is talking about vs. having a look of total confusion, navigating City of Boulder permitting (this one is still going on with major headaches), value engineering (cutting costs), choosing fixtures and finishes that are beautiful but within my budget, securing investors, being a sole woman business owner in meetings with all men, seriously, this list can go on and on and on. Every one of these I’ve encountered blocks in the road, some small bumps, others leading to sleepless nights, lots of tears and venting to my husband and friends.

But, with all of these hurdles, I have not wavered on the the belief that Kondition will provide something unique and amazing and that it will be wildly successful.

I was naive and that is the word that so many entrepreneurs before me told me led to their greatness.  Because, without it, most wouldn’t have gone ahead with quitting their stable jobs and going after an idea with hope and optimism.  So, I own my naivete and also look forward to the road ahead, even if it is littered with challenges.

Today, I can say, I have a strong team around me, who are supportive and in it until the end. The build out is well on its way (pictures below), even with the permit delays. We are on schedule to open in May, only a few short months after my original launch date…

Here are just a few of my wins so far:

–Ordered bikes for the studio.  I chose Stages, a local company, that just so happens to make the absolute best indoor cycles in the World.

–Hiring has begun for amazing instructors for all the disciplines planned for Kondition. (This is and will be ongoing, so send great people my way).

–After hours/days/months of agonizing over towels (!), I’ve made the executive decision to launder them inhouse. This way I have total quality control. (I realize that to most of you, this seems like a non-issue but it isn’t, trust me).

–Chose the amenities that will be in the showers and sinks. (I’m in love with them and excited for future members to enjoy).

–Confirmed a few of the retail lines that will be carried initially.

–Started creating the most amazing playlists for upcoming classes.


3161 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80301

T: (303) 444-5505
E: info@konditionfitness.com