Private Training

Private Training is a great time to dial in on what YOU need

Kondition has and will always be about group fitness first and foremost. There is, however, something incredibly rewarding about going into a group class with knowledge about how YOUR body functions, what’s going to be best for YOU and how to get the most out of each one of your workouts. Our highly educated and highly motivating trainers are here to help!

Whether you are more new to visiting us or have taken years of classes, our instructors can curate a session to fit your needs.

Are you pregnant or recently had a baby? We have trainers who are specialized in pre and post natal recovery.

Do you have chronic pain or an old injury that keeps acting up? We have trainers who are specialized in corrective exercise.

Have you been interested whether there’s more you could be doing in class or wanted to know what our trainers actually mean when they ask for “neutral spine” … “weight in your heels” … “press the floor away”… ?

Each session will leave you feeling empowered and you will have gained more knowledge about your body and working out to take back into your other activities and fitness classes. So what are you waiting for? Book a session with your favorite Kondition Trainer today!


Drop In Session

$100 (Member)
$110 (New)

6 Pack Private


10 Pack Private