Kondition Family,

With a heavy heart, I am personally writing to you all today to share with you that this upcoming week will be my last one teaching at Kondition. It will also be my last week in Boulder.

Life brought me to Boulder one year ago mainly in support of my partner and his new job. However, the relationship is (lovingly) fizzling and my heart and intuition are pulling me back to Aspen where I came to you all from. It’s not where I grew up but it is the place I consider home so that’s where I am going to heal and begin again.

This year has been my biggest year of growth personally, professionally, and spiritually and being a part of the Kondition Kommunity and team has been a big part of that journey.

I want to publicly acknowledge how incredibly courageous and wonderful our leader Emma is. Just so you know where this woman’s heart is, she generously offered to open her home up to me during this transition. Emma, I love you. Thank you for putting up with me!

Jess- what a woman you are. Holding down the fort of Kondition. Jumping in to find subs and sub herself when life throws a wrench in all of our schedules. Give this woman a lot of hugs. She does SO much.

Front desk staff and fellow instructors- truly, every interaction with every single one of you has been nothing short of lovely. There is so much kindness and integrity in the humans that keep this place afloat. I’m simply grateful to know you, to have worked by your side, and to have shared most of my time in Boulder with you all. Keep inspiring the people. Your work is so valid, so needed.

Kondition Kommunity- this is only the beginning. the growth and dedication I have seen in so many of you over this past year is why I am a movement instructor. There is medicine in movement. Keep bringing your joy, your grief, your highs, your lows and your normals to this space (and bring a friend too!) and use this place to transform you and to hold you the same way it has done for me. My Tuesday 9am spin class and my Wednesday 6am yoga classes, you have a special place in my heart forever <3

Feel how it feels.
Say hello to someone new in your class.
Keep showing up.

I might not be seeing you as frequently, but I do plan to create a life with some time spent in Boulder. I’ll be seeing you!

I love you all wildly. Give me a buzz if you’re ever in Aspen.

With so much love,


3161 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80301

T: (303) 444-5505
E: info@konditionfitness.com