This is a common question that many of my clients over the years have asked, and one that rings a little too true to ignore. Working out is not simply turn up at a gym, lift some weights or do some cardio, leave and repeat. Just like with anything, careful planning, research, and balance contributes to the overall satisfaction and results. Unfortunately, the saying “abs were built in the kitchen” is somewhat true and nutrition also plays a huge role.

If it was as easy as giving out a formula, I would… each person is different and our metabolisms are not all created equal.  

What works for me, a 5’2” 115lb female, may (and probably will not) work for a 5’7” 150lb older female or even a male with the same specifications as myself.  In this series of articles I’ll go through some of the major factors that a person should consider when beginning a workout routine. My hope is not to deter you but to help you ask the questions and find the program that is right for you.


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