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Kondition Fitness in Boulder Colorado is driven off of three core principals being Courage, Strength & Wisdom – three studios – one price.

“Your health is an investment, not an expense”

Our Core Principals


Our state-of-the-art indoor cycling studio, Courage, is sure to get your adrenaline flowing. Stages bikes surround the instructor in these high-energy, music-driven classes.


Our Strength studio is a multi-purpose studio that can host a variety of classes. From Barre to Strength classes using weights and TRX systems, as well as Konditioner (HIIT) and Dance Cardio style classes, Strength is designed to give you the class variety you need to build muscle and ultimately strength.


Wisdom was built to provide mindfulness in movement. From our custom Yoga programs, to yoga sKulpt classes, we offer a number of classes that are equal parts hard work, mindfulness and self improvement.
Kondition Unlimited Member

I’m super pumped about my progress this month based on InBody scans I did on May 1st and today. I’m up 1.6 pounds of muscle and down 1.4% body fat thanks to Kondition!


Over the last five months, I’ve become stronger, fitter, and more confident than I’ve felt in years and I owe a big part of that to Kondition classes. I love the variety of classes you guys offer, (Angelica's strength/cycle class is my favorite) and the wide range of different coaching tactics. I can genuinely say the part of Boulder that I am going to miss most is Kondition.


As a lifelong cardio junkie, I really wanted to shake up my workouts. I needed more strength and balance training in my routine. The Konditioner Express class Alexis Koutoulakos teaches is the perfect balance of cardio and strength training for me. I really like her no-nonsense, motivational style. I also appreciate that the exercises change often, providing me fresh new challenges in every class.


Oh I feel so lucky:-). Yes, I do love kardio! I love to challenge myself and Kardio gives me that chance. I try to improve my stats each time and always feel really empowered after every class. The instructors give fantastic cues and words of encouragement which push me to not just show up for class, but also give it everything I’ve got. I leave each class completely exhausted and so proud of myself - it feels absolutely fabulous!


I love Kondition Barre classes because they are a full-body workout that essentially combines pilates, yoga, dance and strength training into one class. All of the Barre instructors at Kondition are high-quality, experienced and motivating. They are always so welcoming of new students and can accommodate for all skill levels. Also, each teacher has their own unique teaching style, so I enjoy the variety that’s available.

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